Can't access python windows container

I’ve got a python windows container which I also need flask module so installed that. Even though it says the site is up, I can’t access it.

  • Restarting with stat
  • Debugger is active!
  • Debugger PIN: 112-754-181
  • Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

I thought it may be because I got this during Flask install:

The script flask.exe is installed in ‘c:\python\Scripts’ which is not on PATH.

So I added the PATH to the Dockerfile, but still no luck. Maybe I’ve used incorrect syntax when adding. If someone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it.

FROM python:3.7-rc-windowsservercore-ltsc2016
COPY [“”, “/python/scripts”]
COPY [“fam.png”, “/python/scripts”]
RUN “pip install flask”
ENV Path=C:\python\scripts
EXPOSE 3333 25
CMD [ “python” ]
RUN “”

Figured it out. SHould be:

ENV FLASK_Version 1.02