Can't access to the running containers

Report ID: A46112D8-0143-4122-B983-65D422014259

Expected behavior

Be able to reach the containers throw some IP

Actual behavior

I can’t reach the running containers


In the Version 1.12.0-rc2-beta17 (build: 9779) running in my MacBook everything is working fine. I can reach the containers throw the but I installed Version 1.12.0-rc4-beta19 (build: 10258) in my iMac and I can’t find the way to reach the running containers somehow

OSX 10.11.5

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Create HAProxy container listen on port 80
  2. Run some containers using docker-compose
  3. Try go to: and it doesn’t work refused to connect is what I see in the browser

Well the issue was the configuration of my HAProxy! Some app was using HTTPs and I didn’t open the port in the container.