Can't connect to container via localhost

On step 5 of
I ran docker run -d -p 80:80 --name webserver nginx

opening up localhost in chrome gave me ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

docker ps tells me that the port is still>80/tcp yet i can’t get to it by localhost

I looked at it on kitematic and the published port was got me to the right nginx welcome page

any idea why the container wasn’t on localhost?

Because you’re running Docker Toolbox. If you can’t run the native Docker for Windows, then Docker Toolbox will (via Docker Machine) create a Linux virtual machine that can run Linux containers, and everything published with docker run -p parameters will show up on that VM and not your physical host. That VM almost always is

(P.S.: be careful saying “localhost” around Docker: it does not mean your physical hardware)

okay, this makes much more sense now.
I used chocolatey to download docker so I didn’t realize what I got wasn’t native Docker for Windows.