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Can't find the secret on setting of the repository on docker hub


i am following the page to try to add docker id as a secret to github but cannot find the secret.
Configure CI/CD for your application | Docker Documentation

I googled and there is supposed a “Secret” button among the left hand sided menu bar for me to click, but in my account there isn’t. Below is the screen cap:

Could you please help? thx

That setting is on GitHub, not on Docker Hub. The secret is required for GitHub (GitHub Actions) to access your repository on Docker Hub.

ic, thx a lot rimelek!

by the way, i am following the instructions on the following page:
Configure CI/CD for your application | Docker Documentation

“Now, let the workflow run for the first time and then tweak the Dockerfile to make sure the CI is running and pushing the new image changes:”

i dunno how to run the workflow, because after i adding the content to the github_registry.yml online, i press the “Start commit” button, but it fails to commit with the warning message"A file with the same name already exists. Please choose a different name and try again." on the top displayed.

may you advise? thx

Isn’t that right? Do you already have a file with the same name? Sometimes on the web can happen that you click on a button multiple times accidentally and the web interface sends he request to the backend, saves the file and your second click requests an other file to save sending the same content and same name. It can be because you really click twice or because your mouse or touchpad doesn’t work properly.

thx rimelek, i am quite new to github too, thx a lot!