Can't get to BIND container from outside of host computer

I’ve got a host running a few containers: gitea and emby, for example. I can access those from any computer on my network. So I created a new container for DNS using BIND9.

My docker-compose.yml looks like this:

version: “2”

image: djotaku/bind:latest

  • /media/docker/dns/data/named:/etc/named
  • /media/docker/dns/data/conf/named.conf:/etc/named.conf
  • “53:53”

there are dashes up there where they should be, but the formatting of this forum removes it and changes the formatting of the font.

If I do:

nslookup nameOfserver (which is the IP of the host computer) I get a timeout and it won’t connect.

if I do:

nslookup nameOfserver (the IP of teh container) it works.

Doesn’t matter if I have the firewall off or on.

docker port dns_dns_1
53/tcp →

Am I doing something crazy here?


edit: turns out - yes, yes I was. I didn’t specify udp in the docker-compose so it wasn’t working.