Can't run a docker file: failed to solve: rpc error:

I am a really new Docker user. Haven’t heard about it till yesterday. I need to run a python code that is wrapped into a docker app on a relatively short notice. I cloned the repo where the code is and am trying to run a docker-compose.yml file located in that repo.

Here is the file:

version: "3.7"
    build: .
    - .:/chime_sims:rw
    working_dir: /chime_sims
    entrypoint: bash ${LOC}

When I run it by typing docker-compose up -d I get the following error:

failed to solve: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to solve with frontend 
dockerfile.v0: failed to read dockerfile: open /var/lib/docker/tmp/buildkit-mount727454373/Dockerfile: no such file or directory
PS L:\Python\Hospitals\BayesCHIME\chime_sims>

Any ideas what’s going on?

Thank you!

Please, use the </> button to share codes and error messages so your message is formatted correctly. Otherwise, people may not be able to read it. I fixed your post.

I am very surprised you could avoid it until yesterday but it is always good a new member in the community :slight_smile: so welcome here.

Is it a public repo? Can you share it?

Where is the Dockerfile? Since your build context is the current directory (dot), it must be next to the docker-compose.yml file

Thank you very much! The repo is public: GitHub - pennsignals/chime_sims: Bayesian fit to SEIR model. An extension to Penn Medicine's CHIME tool.
I cloned it onto my drive and the Dockerfile is in it. It was created by the same folks who generously provided the rest of the code. I see the folder, I see the Dockerfile in it, but I am still getting the error message that the directory doesn’t exist.

I could finally try it on Windows. It got a different error… “pip not found”
So I am not sure if it would work anyway, but

  • What is your Docker and Docker Desktop version?
  • When you run docker-compose up -d, are you in the chime_sims folder?
  • exactly which version of chime_sims you are using? Could you send me the commit hash? Run git rev-parse HEAD

My Desktop Docker version is Docker Desktop 4.4.4 (73704).

I am trying to run the Docker file from the chime_sims directory