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Cant run a second container


(Fenwick17) #1

Hello, I am having some issues trying to run 2 different containers.
Following the docker-compose wordpress instructions I managed to setup one on port 8000 without any issues.
I then went to create a second project, using the identical docker-compose.yml however with a different port, 8001. Unfortunately this second project gets multiple errors when running docker-compose up. For example
wordpress_1 | MySQL “CREATE DATABASE” Error: Access denied for user ‘wordpress’@’%’ to database ‘wordpress’
This error also occurs when there are no other containers running, this is the only one.
OS: Arch Linux.
Am I missing some basic set up steps that would resolve my issues? I tested this exact same setup on my Macbook and worked perfectly fine.

(Bryce Ryan) #2


To help the community troubleshoot your issue, it may be helpful to share some of the details of the compose YAML you used for the first and second instances so folks could inspect them for clues leading to the error, or to attempt reproducing your results more directly from your YAML files.