Cant start container

2017-06-20T12:28:21.54+0530 [CELL/0] ERR Timed out after 1m0s: health check n
ever passed.
2017-06-20T12:28:21.55+0530 [CELL/0] OUT Exit status 0
2017-06-20T12:28:21.55+0530 [APP/0] OUT Exit status 143
2017-06-20T12:28:21.57+0530 [CELL/0] OUT Destroying container
2017-06-20T12:28:21.63+0530 [API/6] OUT App instance exited with guid 186e2b3
7-3ed1-48ca-943a-8b2de35012a6 payload: {“instance”=>"", “index”=>0, “reason”=>“C
RASHED”, “exit_description”=>"2 error(s) occurred:\n\n* 1 error(s) occurred:\n\n

  • Exited with status 4\n* 2 error(s) occurred:\n\n* cancelled\n* cancelled", “cr
    ash_count”=>3, “crash_timestamp”=>1497941901561406729, “version”=>“04a6c10e-c110
    2017-06-20T12:28:22.72+0530 [CELL/0] OUT Successfully destroyed container