Cant use applications on any other port than 443/80

Expected behavior

Connect to my app on any port that I choose

Actual behavior

Can’t connect to my app if it is running on a port other than 80/443, even though the load balancer picks up the configuration correctly

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. launch D4AWS with the latest template which creates a new VPC
  2. ssh into manager node
  3. create a simple service
docker service create --name lbapp --replicas 2 -p 81:80 katacoda/docker-http-server
  1. check with curl from the manager:
curl <elb-host>:81
<h1>This request was processed by host: 3f34256fab4</h1>
  1. check with curl from local machine
curl --connect-timeout 10 <elb-host>:81
curl: (7) Failed to connect to <elb-host> port 81: Connection timed out

okay, the reason was in our super-paranoid firewall, nothing to do with aws. please close this