Cdebug - A swiss army knife of container debugging

With this tool you can:

  • Troubleshoot containers lacking shell and/or debugging tools
  • Forward unpublished or even localhost ports to your host system
  • Expose endpoints from the host system to containers & Kubernetes networks
  • Handily export image’s and/or container’s filesystem to local folders
  • and more :slight_smile:

cdebug exec: an interactive shell in a scratch, slim, or distroless container

The “cdebug exec” command is a crossbreeding of the “docker exec” and “kubectl debug” commands. You point the tool at a running container, say what toolkit image to use, and it starts a debugging “sidecar” container that feels like a “docker exec” session to the target container:

  • The root filesystem of the debugger is the root filesystem of the target container.
  • The target container isn’t recreated and/or restarted.
  • No extra volumes or copying of debugging tools is needed.
  • The debugging tools are available in the target container.

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