CentOS 7 systemd images

Okay so I am sure this is similar to many requests out there but I am not finding a solution to this infamous problem. I am trying to spin up my own custom CentOS 7 instance running systemd. I am not having any success to this point and its getting really frustrating. Spare the unkind words on systemd, but just wondering how can it be done? I have no choice but create my own image and I know there are ones with systemd working are out there in the docker registry. That tells me it can be done. I have seen traffic about fakesystemd and that its no longer supported. Also ran into some stuff about using systemd-container and at least one of the docker containers I have seen from the docker registry has this installed. So how would one install system-container onto a CentOS 7 system? You can’t replace it with yum. Remove has been removed so yum swap is not working. systemd is protected and I don’t see how to get past that. Doing an rpm -e system d and then reinstalling system-container really messes things up. Does the latest CentOS kernel somehow mess things up? Seems like the CentOS folks would be ensuring their OS would work with Docker since it is gaining lots of traction. Someone out there has to know! I just tried the instructions from https://rhatdan.wordpress.com/ and I am still getting a segfault when I go to try and enable httpd service as a test.