Certificate directory does not exist - Kitematic1.12 - VBox 5.1.6

Hi, I have upgraded my Kitematic toolbox this morning to the last version, I deleted the default VM in virtual box to start on a new VM.
After double clicking Kitematic (Alpha), it tells me that some connection not possible and I have a button “Use VirualBox”, i do click on it, it goes up to 100% success, it creates the default and turns it on (I can see this in VB GUI), but then I get
Certificate directory does not exist
and 2 buttons , one “Retry setup”, the 2nd “Delete VM and retry setup” I did but it comes back with the same error.

What is very strange, when I run “Docker Quickstart Terminal” it works fine and I have my docker ready to run with the nice whale asci picture and can issue any commande.

My problem is I am trying to find where are the diferent settings, I remember it was in the KItematic GUI

Thanks in advance