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Change the root password

Hi All
Is it possible to change the root user password in Docker?
I have the following lines in my alpine docker:

RUN echo “root:Dev123” | chpasswd
RUN adduser appuser -D

USER appuser

by which I expect the followings:

  1. Change the root user password
  2. Add a new user to the docker, “appuser”
  3. Start the docker container with the “appuser”

Steps 2 & 3 go find and I can see that the docker is started with the “appuser” user but it is also possible to run the docker container as “root” like below

docker container run -it --user root myimg:latest sh

without being asked for the root password and by that I assume that it is either not possible to change the password or the docker core somehow knows the new password.

Hope someone knows how to set the password for root.