Checkpoint & Restore - the future of CRUI & Docker

A few months ago the web was a-buzz with the wonders of Docker with CRIU, being able to checkpoint stop and then restore a running container (even on a different host). An experimental docker version etc.

However since then this seems to have gone pretty quiet.

Does anyone know the future of this tech? Is there any timeline when this or something similar might find it’s way into the mainstream release?

I’m specifically looking for a way to deep sleep and restore containers in response to events, I can start a container today but it’s a little too slow with the application startup taking about 5 seconds, I would like to get an order of magnitude better.

runc and containerd have CRIU support. Docker 1.11 is actually a refactor of docker to make it use containerd under the hood. I suspect that features like CRIU will follow.