CI gitlab runner with docker: error when too many networks created

By default docker compose doesn’t remove network when remove project so …
We have one CI gitlab runner machine where many projects are runned time from time and ofcourse we’ve got “could not find an available, non-overlapping IPv4 address pool among the defaults to assign to the network”.
How to manage this?
We can’t use one network for all projects becouse different project has compose service name like “db” and sometimes thay can be runned same time with unexpected results.
Also we can’t use one network + unique service name becouse compose give an error if we’ll try this ${COMPOSE_DB_SERVICE_NAME:-db} in service name. Ofcourse we still can rewrite service name in compose file with awk/grep every run but I don’t really want to do that.

UPD: As temporary solution I found out that i can call docker network prune every hour on this machine, don’t know is it right way or not.