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Cloudstor and EFS encryption of data at rest


(Gsnyder2007) #1


Does anyone know if Cloustor has support for use of EFS’ recently announced support for encrypting data at rest. See

And, if it does, an example of the settings required to use it in a compose file? as opposed to a CLI.

(Deep Debroy) #2

Hi @gsnyder2007 nothing special needs to happen for the cloudstor plugin to support EFS with encryption enabled. cloudstor can work with any EFS (that is passed as a parameter during installation) as long as it can mount it. Do you want the EFS created by the Docker4AWS CloudFormation template to support an option to encrypt? If so, we can add that in the template.

(Gsnyder2007) #3

That would be awesome. Thanks.

(Noël Jackson) #4

This would be great if it was added to the template.