Com.docker.hyperkit up CPU to 340%

Mine is sticking to 100%, and my docker isn’t even running :wink: nope, i’m not kidding here… might be just me


➜ ~ docker info
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?
➜ ~ docker-machine ls

➜ ~

In an attempt to provide as much info as possible, with probably things that really don’t matter but…
closed app using cmd-q
yet still activity monitor still shows it…
problem might have started right after coming out of sleep… think i noticed it about 10minutes after lunchbreak. (so 10 mins after sleep)
docker is still set to start on boot, so it did actually run before the quit, however, never started a single container since my last reboot… haven’t touched docker in over a month…

reopening docker app, makes my activity monitor show this:

then closing it again (can’t show screen because new users can only add 1 image)

keeps the original (same PID) 100% ‘com.docker.hyperkit’ open and a ‘com.docker.vmnetd’ and yes cpu still spiking for 100%
Hope this helps resolving the issue or might give anyone else a hint to finding the problem

Can’t wait to get back to docker, as i do miss it :slight_smile: