Communication challenges within Docker (Geoserver/PostGIS/Mapstore)

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Can anyone please assist me. I am running a Docker version for Windows on my test PC which has Windows 11 Home Edition as the OS. I installed Docker version 4.28.0(139021). I then configured and installed Geoserver and Mapstore using the Docker containers and installation protocol for these applications. Following this I installed PostGIS within a Docker container as well. All 3 of these applications share the same network within Docker. I have a local (pc) version of QGIS which can communicate with PostGIS which is resident within Docker. My Geoserver can also extract information stored within PostGIS. The challenge I face is that Mapstore has no connectivity to Geoserver to extract layers I require. Mapstore is on the same network with Geoserver and PostGIS, yet cannot access any information.

Has anyone experienced similar challenges and have a possible work-around?

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You can get more answers if you share how you created the containers. And I have a feeling that you are not running Windows containers as the category suggest, but Linux containers on Windows.

When you share how you created the containers (command, compose file), follow the below formatting guide: