Community All-Hands 7 ❄️ Winter edition | Dec 15-16

Hello Community,

Join the 7th the Community All-Hands, a quarterly online event that brings the Docker community together!

This global meetup features community news, company and product updates, demos, and language-specific sessions.

For this edition, we’ll be splitting the content in two days. Join us on the YouTube stream*!

:pushpin: Thursday, December the 15th, 8:00 AM Pacific Time. A more interactive first day, featuring talks of exciting trends like WASM and Docker Extensions, interviews and the traditional Docker updates and Community Awards!

:pushpin: Friday, December the 16th, 8:00 AM Pacific Time. Workshops day! Learn how to use Docker with your favorite programming language.

Full schedule and Youtube link is shared here: Community All-Hands | Docker

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