Compose 1.8.0 + Docker 1.12 Swarm Mode Docs?

Anyone know if new docs for Compose 1.8 (particularly in relation to Swarm Mode) are available and where they might be found?

I’m trying to figure out how to get Compose to work with the new Swarm mode in docker 1.12. It seems like a lot of things have changed now that the Swarm management and membership is embedded in the Docker daemon. And it seems to be breaking Compose.

It looks like has the docs for the engine 1.12. But the Compose docs there seem to be out of date.

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Some features are different.

“Docker Stacks and Distributed Application Bundles are experimental features introduced in Docker 1.12 and Docker Compose 1.8, alongside the concept of swarm mode, and Nodes and Services in the Engine API.”

"The bundle file spec is simple and open, and you can create bundles however you want. To get you started, Docker Compose has experimental support for creating bundle files and with Docker 1.12 and swarm mode enabled, you can deploy the bundle files."

Im curious about how compose will be handle container or services in swarm mode. I cant find any doc about it. I mean when you run docker-compose up it will create services or containers. Thats really a big deal since depending on which one of them will be created. Services has load balancing but common containers do not. So im kind of lost on this new interaction between docker-compose and docker engine.

Should be the same as in previous version.

Me too. Nothing is working right in 1.12. If you use compose now, it schedules all the jobs on a single host. Swarm multi-host networking is not even working properly per my post here which has no response:

I am surprised that they are launching a massive PR campaign on a release that does not work right and is barely documented =( . I need a working orchestration system up and running for my site and love classic swarm. I eventually had to move to the Apcera Platform. Check out my journey: