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Configure Swarm mode routing mesh load balancing method


I’ve read that the swarm mode routing mesh load balancer uses round-robin (

Is there a possibility to configure the load balancing method (e.g. (weighted) least connection, source/destination hashing…) of the swarm mode routing mesh?

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The swarm mode routing mesh aka ingress acts on layer4 and does not know about those configuration details you ask for. The documentation can be found here: The link you pasted is aimed towards “why using the interlock proxy as advantages”.

If you have an enterprise license: you are entitled to use the interlock proxy, which is part of UCP. It is a layer7 reverse proxy/loadbalancer. Back in the days when I tried early versions of interlock it had some limitiations. From what i read in the change log the current versions seem to be close what traefik is capable to do.

If you are running on Docker-CE, you might want to take a look at traefik.