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Configure VPNKit's internal network addresses

(Ik81) #1


I am running the latest version of Docker for Windows (17.12.0-ce) on a Windows 10 machine.

I encountered networking issues when accessing our company’s internal Docker registry which is located in the subnet. When deep-diving in that issue I figured out that networking is done via this VPNKit module which uses by default IP addresses in exactly the same IP subnet.

How to change this configuration in Docker for Windows? I noticed that this defaults can be overridden by passing command line arguments to the SVNKit.exe but what is the recommended way of permanently changing that configuration.


(Holk) #2

Hi Ingo,

I am facing the exact same problem as some of our company hosts are occupying the subnet and are thus unreachable from within any container running Docker for Windows.

As some time has passed since you posted this issue, I am wondering if you found a solution for that problem by now.

Would really appreciate any help with this.


(Ik81) #3

Hi Holger,

I haven’t followed this topic since the allocation of our Docker registry host to that subnet will change in the near future and Docker for Windows users are rather the exception.

What we currently use is that we access the Docker registry via an HTTP proxy that is located in a different subnet. So Docker for Windows installations take a detour via the proxy that is routed correctly.


(Holk) #4

Hi Ingo,

one of the collaborators responded to my issue on vpnkit:

So it will hopefully be configurable on windows soon.