Connecting /dev/input/event0 to low-level Mac keyboard device

I am running Docker 17.09.1-ce-mac42 (21090), stable channel.

Three questions:

First, how does Docker map macOS keyboard events to Linux containers? Feel free to explain to some degree and/or point me to technical resources and/or source code.

Second, I am trying to find the low-level keyboard device in macOS’s (somewhere in Darwin/Mach/IOKit).

Third (this may be easier if we get the answer to #2), how (if at all) can I make the Mac low-level keyboard event device available to a Linux container? I’ve tried --device /dev/input but that only provides two devices:

/dev/input/event1 PC Speaker isa0061/input0
/dev/input/event0 Power Button LNXPWRBN/button/input0