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Consistently out of disk space in docker beta

@robertoandrade, I’ve just installed 1.13 and have noticed that the procedure to grow the qcow file as specified further up in the thread no longer works.

I’ve started a build in my environment and am hoping (:slight_smile:) that the qcow will continue to grow.

For my use case I need the qcow to be at least 200GB

This issue reared it’s head again for me in the last few days. Im on the beta channel. Switching to stable to see if it solves the issue.

For growing the qcow volume total space see (the qcow location is now configurable in the Preferences of the app.

For shrinking the qcow file image size see which is now in stable as of 1.13. Compaction is performed on shutdown and TRIM is done every 15m (unless you execute it manually, then it’s done immediately).


This has been addressed for me. I do have some images that are very large so I end up running these clean up commands once in a while and I find it to work fairly well. I haven’t seen ay out of space issues in a long time.

for item in $(docker ps -aq); do
docker stop $item
docker rm $item

for item in $(docker images --filter dangling=true -q); do
docker rmi $item

I’m not sure if this helps. But figured I’d share.