Consuming more than 8GB RAM idle?

I have the latest Windows 10 Enterprise and installed Docker Community Edge a couple of days ago on top of the usual Docker Community, since some tutorial needed Edge, not sure why :slight_smile: I keep my PC quite busy so was not entirely shocked when I had some slowdowns yesterday, near-freezes, but the slowdowns continued today when I was mostly idling the PC and certainly idling Docker, I had stopped my containers on previous days. I had a look at taskmgr and it showed Docker.service was using up around 8.5 gig of my 16GB computer, and fluctuating between 20% and 50% of my disk activity. I restarted the whole thing and for now it is idling at 77.1MB, and this may be totally irreproducible.

It did give me the idea however that Docker Windows devs may want to add some such indicator in the taskbar or something, that gives easy access to a couple of Docker.service metrics.