Con't share local disk to the container

nothing displaied when I run
docker run --rm -v e:/:/mnt ubuntu:16.04 ls /mnt
docker run --rm -v /e:/mnt ubuntu:16.04 ls /mnt

my system is windows 10 1809

It is the “:” that you are using

i used:
docker run --rm -v /c/Pictures/:/mnt ubuntu:16.04 ls /mnt
which prompted me to allow access to share the directory.

got the output:
Unable to find image ‘ubuntu:16.04’ locally
16.04: Pulling from library/ubuntu
7b8b6451c85f: Pull complete
ab4d1096d9ba: Pull complete
e6797d1788ac: Pull complete
e25c5c290bde: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:e547ecaba7d078800c358082088e6cc710c3affd1b975601792ec701c80cdd39
Status: Downloaded newer image for ubuntu:16.04