Container access to docker.local

Should a container running with the ‘native’ Mac Docker service be able to reach another container via docker.local:? I can use the IP address (currently, but right now containers cannot access docker.local. If docker.local should work between containers I’ll update this to a formal bug report.

We have an issue open for this. I am not sure if it will be resolved as we may switch to the hostnet networking which exposes ports on the Mac instead. It is a bit surprising that it doesn’t “just work” however now.

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From my understanding, you will need an mDNS client inside of your container to do the lookup.

Yes I think that is probably correct, Linux does not do mdns lookups by default.

I just got my invite and i have the same issue with “Version 1.10.3-beta5 (build: 5049)”. I tried to reproduce all the steps from documentation, but founded that docker.local is unreachable. For now i just put docker.local in my /etc/hosts file manually, 'cause seems that i have the same ip address as a2daj have, looks like static one.