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Container can only access One Subnet and Dual-NIC Device



I have a linux docker container (Docker version 17.09.1-ce, build f4ffd2511ce9) running on an openSUSE 15.0 host that can only navigate IP addresses in the subnet on eth0 but not eth1. I’d like for this container to be able to navigate both subnets without issue. eth0 is mapped to and eth1 is mapped to, a DHCP server is also running on this interface.

Is there a reason why eth0’s subnet is used instead of eth1 or is there something wrong with my run script?

docker run \
        --name unifi-video \
        --cap-add SYS_ADMIN \
        --cap-add DAC_READ_SEARCH \
        --security-opt apparmor:unconfined \
        --mount source=unifivideovar,target=/path/to/location \
        --restart unless-stopped \
        -d \
        -p 6666:6666 \
        -p 7004:7004 \
        -p 7442:7442 \
        -p 7443:7443 \
        -p 7446:7446 \
        -v /path/to/location:/var/lib/unifi-video/videos \
        -e TZ=US/Mountain \
        -e PUID=99 \
        -e PGID=100 \
        -e DEBUG=1 \