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Container client to web server communication


Server can serve web to my Docker host successfully but not my containerized client. What is needed for containerized server to serve web to a containerized client? Or, is this normal behavior by design

Docker ver: Docker version 18.06.3-ce, build d7080c1
Docker host: RHEL 8 VM (Virtualbox)

My input:
docker network create testNet
docker run --name webserver --net testNet -d nginx:latest
docker run --name client --net testNet -it busybox:1.29 /bin/sh
–>docker network inspect testNet confirms both container IP addr
server -
client =
–>from within Busybox attached term
wget -O -
Connecting to (
wget: can’t connect to remote host ( No route to host
—>from my Docker host (RHEL 8) machine
wget -O -
This serves the page successfully "Welcome to Nginx!’
The server replies back to ICMP ping traffic from the client fine