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Container Live Migration

(Spotinst) #1

Hey There,

Does Docker intend to provide a live migration for containers from host to host ? just like VMware provides live migration “vmotion” ?


(Jerry Baker) #2

You may be interested in the demo at Dockercon 2015:

(Spotinst) #3

Yeap thanks,
this is what i was looking for.

Any ETA for releasing it as a part of Docker ?

(Lucarav) #4

Any news on this feature, please?

(Mikhail Fedosov) #5

And another one: any news, please?

(Dvohra) #6

An alternative is to commit the container to an image with docker commit, move the image onto a new host, and then start a new container with docker run, which will preserve any data that an application has created inside the container.

Another option is to use Flocker.

For migrating data volumes refer