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Container network failing to talk to host

I have a Mac running v10.14.6 (Mojave). I did a fresh install of the OS due to some files that were apparently missing and preventing brew from being installed. After the OS install I installed Desktop for Mac v3.5.2 and to test it I ran the Getting Started Web server container and I specified port 8054 (so as not to interfere with any other ports). If I try to connect from a web browser (localhost:8054) I get “This page isn’t working” localhost didn’t send any data. If I try to telnet to the container it says “Connected to localhost” and then immediately “Connection closed by foreign host”. I have tried other containers and none will permit a network connection. I have spent hours trying to find the source of the problem to no avail. I have another Mac, also running Mojave, and everything works properly. My guess is that there is something wrong with Mojave but I am at a loss as to how to diagnose this and fix it. Can anyone provide any idea as to what to try to locate the source of the problem?