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Container not restarted after reboot

(Skyflyer) #1

I’m running three containers inside docker. They are php-cgi and uwsgi applications. After restart (Ubuntu 14.04), one container (uwsgi) is started but exits immediately:

Exited (0) 16 seconds ago

I’m using Docker version 1.0.1, build 990021a and restart policy is not specified (this docker version does not know about --restart flag) - but based on documentation, it should restart the container (and it does restart the other two containers).

docker machine logs does not show any error:

[uWSGI] getting INI configuration from /var/projects/name/etc/conf/production.uwsgi.ini

When starting the container, I’m not specifying the command to run, since it is defined in the Dockerfile. I did try to specify the command explicitly, but the behaviour is the same - the container stops after being restarted. I saw there is a workaround described, but wonder whether this is the right way to go (seems not).

Is there anything else I’m missing?

(Michael Brown) #2

Older versions of docker are notorious for not actually restarting properly. I would strongly suggest updating.

(Skyflyer) #3

Hi Michael!

I’ve upgraded to the latest Docker and it seems to be working now. I’ll
report back if I encounter issues. I’m running docer 1.4.1 now.