Container unreachable remotely after ~1 month


I have installed Docker CE on a Red Hat 7.9 server (I know, not officially supported). It’s a basic installation with no special configurations except for a proxy server set in the config. Docker runs 1 container with a web based application, accessible using HTTP and HTTPS over the default bridged network.

All is working well… until after roughly a month (no exact time, the application is not used daily) the container is no longer reachable remotely. I can contact the container from the local RH server, but remote connections are no longer working.

So far the only “solution” I have found to get network going again is by restarting the docker service.

I tried to find anything which might explain why this happens, but even after a few hours of google-fu and trying various actions, I’m unable to find any indication on why this happens and how to fix it.

So I’m hoping anybody here could suggest any actions I can do to find (and hopefully fix) the cause.

Red Hat 7.9
Docker CE 20.10.16