Container volume works but the changes aren't reflected on the app

Hello Everyone,

I have a container that has a volume configured. And at some point I thought the volumes weren’t updated. But then I realized that is actually do get updated after getting into the container in the shell. But I can’t seem to see the changes on the url of the app. Do you know any idea what might be the cause? I mean it was working and then logged in with my docker account and pushed the container tagged it couple of times. Deleted all the volumes and images but no luck ://

I am initiating the container with

docker run -v /path/to/app:/src/src/app -p 3001:3001 backend

I’d be super appreciated if you could help. Thanks.

You are using a Docker bind mount to share a local folder in host with your Docker container at runtime.

This has nothing to do with a Docker image that gets pushed into Docker Hub.

I know it doesn’t, I just wanted to explain. And the question actaully wasn’t if it does have something to do with Image in a Docker Hub. Question was ; What could be the possible cause of the issue and how to fix it. And the issue is: Docker container and the local folder is sharing the data but I have to restart the container to see the changes on the app.

I feel like you think you already shared everything there is to know.

Without sufficient context information, It is impossible to give a good answer to your question.

Things I would have expected to see in the first post:

  • whether the same application does pick up the same changes if run outside a container
  • The OS and the used Docker version (ce? desktop? exact version?)
  • the programming language the application is implemented in.
  • what type of file you changed and expected the change to be seen in your application
  • what mechanism the application uses to detect changes (polling, file watches, something else?).