ContainerInspect failed error for all Images

Even just a basic hello-world after switching to an unfiltered network connection allows to download, but can’t get past that error just yet. Any dependence on powershell as that has a restricted policy internally?

So poking more in the logs I can see the issue. The Proxy is a global var and is being used and that fails so I am trying to understand how to manip the global docker-machine calls to include the no-proxy setting.

Did you ever resolve this issue? I’m experience the same issue with the latest docker update

~$ docker --version
Docker version 1.11.1, build 5604cbe
~$ docker run ubuntu /bin/echo "hello world"
hello world
~$ docker images
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
ubuntu              latest              c5f1cf30c96b        2 weeks ago         120.8 MB
~$ docker start ubuntu
Error response from daemon: ContainerInspect failed
Error: failed to start containers: ubuntu
~$ sw_vers
ProductName:  Mac OS X
ProductVersion: 10.11.5
BuildVersion: 15F34
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