Containerized app not functioning

Hello All,

First and foremost, i’m new to Docker and containerizing application.

Recently, i created a docker image using nodejs web application. Below the project structure and docker file.

The built image ran successfully, and i could access app from browser ( configured to localhost with available port) . But the issue here is i’m not able to perform any action from the browser window, also i don’t see any log for the associated container id.

The container source folder contains all the necessary dependency file and module.

FYI… This application is a custom chat bot web app which uses various modules like , convo.js , etc… and works perfectly fine outside docker.

Project Structure :


  • bin
    • www
  • config
    • api.js
    • sock.js
  • node_modules
  • public
    • javascript
      • convo.js
      • socket.js
    • stylesheets
    • black.css
    • style.css
  • relatives
    • dnfjdn.json
  • routes
    • index.js
    • user.js
  • views
    • index.ejs
  • app.js
  • package.json

Docker File :

From node:8.11.2


COPY package.json /app

RUN npm install

COPY . .

COPY relative /relative


CMD [“bin/www”]

Please let us know how i could come out this issue.