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Containers and networks not available after system restart


I am experiencing strange Docker Engine behaviour. After host system restart, all settings and networks and containers are unavailable as if I had clean Docker install. If then I would restart Docker manually, all settings from previous boot will reappear.

I am hosting Docker in Debian 10 with Proxmox installed on top of it. My storage engine is zfs, and /var/lib/docker is mounted on a dedicated subvolume on separate zfs pool than the rest of the system.

My first thought was that the Docker is starting before that mentioned zfs pool is imported and mounted, and for that reason, don’t have access to own settings at boot time, but I added conditions to the Docker .service files, so they are starting when the pool is available and that didn’t help.

I worked around this issue by adding systemd timer which restarts docker.service 5 minutes after boot.

I am looking for more elegant solution. I am suspecting some sort of misconfiguration on my part or (less likely) a bug.

I must add that this is a semi-production environment, so I cannot restart the system many times to troubleshot problem.

My daemon.json:

  "storage-driver": "zfs",
  "log-driver": "journald",
  "ipv6": false,
  "ip-forward": false,
  "ip-masq": false,
  "iptables": false,
  "ip6tables": false,
  "dns": [""]

Could someone more experienced point me at right direction?