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Containers can't communicate on my user-defined network

I fired up two containers like this:
docker run -d -p 10001:80 --name blog1 tutum/wordpress
docker run -d -p 10002:80 --name blog2 tutum/wordpress

Then created a network:
docker network create my_network

Then connected my two containers to the network:
docker network connect my_network blog1
docker network connect my_network blog2

Then I fired up a third container and connected it to my network:
docker run -it --network my_network ubuntu:16.04 bash

I installed curl on the ubuntu container and tried to query the first 5 lines of blog1’s HTML:
curl -sSL blog1 | head -n5

I got this error:
curl: (7) Failed to connect to blog1 port 10001: Connection refused

Why did blog1 refuse the connection?

When I ran ‘docker network inspect my_network’ it shows all three containers on the same network:

        "Name": "my_network",
        "Id": "fd48da51d2da0fd5c5f9a9a879d4677d2b8bda9a7a33ca984a6a29efc9b01716",
        "Created": "2021-03-18T16:30:37.3796504Z",
        "Scope": "local",
        "Driver": "bridge",
        "EnableIPv6": false,
        "IPAM": {
            "Driver": "default",
            "Options": {},
            "Config": [
                    "Subnet": "",
                    "Gateway": ""
        "Internal": false,
        "Attachable": false,
        "Ingress": false,
        "ConfigFrom": {
            "Network": ""
        "ConfigOnly": false,
        "Containers": {
            "710c502acd8e5535b99a7b7f9951ed768586c42b9b905833dee03a9829e912d0": {
                "Name": "blog2",
                "EndpointID": "86a766a6136e3b247a8991368c77d94a1fd63465128e7524e2735f3ec0f24575",
                "MacAddress": "02:42:ac:12:00:04",
                "IPv4Address": "",
                "IPv6Address": ""
            "c22323fd24ddcfd0d871e53e755545323f2822dd1ab214f4a81862a971e88351": {
                "Name": "romantic_payne",
                "EndpointID": "2262bf054e5b74dc04a97e4e795d75a0148fc2a465828e6bd3c95ab8ea60629a",
                "MacAddress": "02:42:ac:12:00:03",
                "IPv4Address": "",
                "IPv6Address": ""
            "d875536ede1182126d325290bdb01fc000b8a5e9944992f0b28f090cbc916ede": {
                "Name": "blog1",
                "EndpointID": "f783e8bd629d875f3125017faeae3ff59dd4c2e9c81b08452b41247f64856bd0",
                "MacAddress": "02:42:ac:12:00:02",
                "IPv4Address": "",
                "IPv6Address": ""
        "Options": {},
        "Labels": {}

You can also use the docker run --network= option to start a container and immediately connect it to a network.

That is true, but all three containers are already connected to the network. I’m trying to figure out why the ‘ubuntu’ container can’t communicate with the ‘blog’ container. Seems to be a port issue, but I’m not sure how to solve it.