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Containers communicate with each other

Hey folks.

I have a container that runs a management system, that needs to communicate with another container. The management system basically just needs to execute a python script in the other container.

I can easily do this by having the management system SSH into the other container, but I know this is an anti-pattern, and I would prefer to avoid this.

The other method is to install docker in the management system, and run docker exec… to the other container. The only issue with this is that, we don’t have root access to the management system, and we require root access to run docker commands.

My question is, is there an easy, straight forward way to do this? I’ll be making the two containers in 1 docker-compose file.

The other approach would be to bind the same volume to both containers, but from there I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around what to do after.