Contribution Guidelines For Docker CLI Broken Links

I would like to contribute to the Docker CLI. I see a few open issues that I would like to tackle. However the links in the are all broken. There are multiple open pull requests to fix the broken links (I would post more but new users can only post 2 links in a post)


After reading through the comments on the pull requests, it seems that there is some disagreement to where the links should even point. Where can I find the proper contribution guidelines so that I can contribute to the Docker CLI?

Unfortunately I would start from the same document so I can’t help you with the links. The PR link was about contributing to docs. I checked the markdown file and the link to the review process description doesn’t work either. Did you want to check that? What links do you think you would need in order to fix bugs in the Docker CLI? I think you can share more URL-s in code blocks like this:

I think the only link I would need is a link to the contributor’s guide they mention in that explains setting up a Docker development environment and the contribution process. Is that specific to Docker CLI or can I follow instructions from other open source Docker projects?

You can check the moby project.

You will find a similar markdown but with working links. I only contributed to Docker Compose so far and I used GoLand which is mentioned by Moby’s guide as well. Docker and Moby projects have Dockerfiles in the repo root to build the project so you can use your already installed Docker to build a new version. It helped me a lot, because I didn’t need to worry about the build environment, except that I had to find out how I could test the compose-spec library I updated, in the compose project. but if you change something in the main code, that should be easier.

This is very helpful information! Thanks so much for your help. This gives me a good place to start.