Please setup real issue management and no forum

Dear Docker for Windows Beta Team,

could you please install a issue management system, with access for all beta testers. I strongly disencourage the use of a forum. I have installed docker.msi and have already 10 to 15 issues/feature requests. But if my comments do not get a number and a clear process with tagging, it will get messy. Why not setup one over at github in a repo with the sole purpose for issue management.

If you have one setup already, but I was not able to find the URL for it. My bad. (Maybe improve first step guide?)


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I was stopped to enter more “issues”, because a new user may only enter three topics per day LoL

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Please add information where to find “DockerDebugInfo.ps1” to the Topic-Template as hint. Google did not find it, but when reading through all the other issues in this forum I found a reference to:

C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\resources\DockerDebugInfo.ps1

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Hi Carsten, thanks for your feedback.

After triage, we do create issues and track resolution. We’ll update the forum as we resolve problems and fix bugs.

For now, could we ask you to simply list multiple issues in the same post?


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