Convert account to an organization

Hello, I need help with deleting organization GINP and msdgin created by user msdit.
Then I hopefully will be able to convert this account into Organization.

Can you please assist with that?

Please please, delete also org MSDGIN, I’m still getting User must first leave all organizations and groups error.


I have just fixed that same error by removing the user being converted to an organization from any other organizations he might be assigned to.

Before doing that, i had to assign the organizations I was removing my account from to a third user.

Hope that makes sense.


Hi. I have problem convert my account to organization. I need to remove org mylitsid created by mylits. Is there any way to do that? I can’t find leave organization feature in docker hub.

Thank you.

I’m having the same issue, user must first leave all organizations and groups, I’ve tested with 3 different users that are not part of any organization with no success, I see this issue comes from 2016, I’m in 2020 and it’s weird I see a lot of threads still open and no fix. Please help!