Cookies not generating on page load when using Docker Nginx/Rails/Redis/MySQL

I managed to containerize nginx/rails app/mysql/redis as services that run alongside each other. My main issue is, certain functionalities are not working within the realm of Docker. I’m sure nginx is functioning, because page loads are taking place, and the rails application is loading. MySQL is also running correctly inside of its container. Our application generates cookies on page load for the root page, which is the login page for devise. It works normally when you run the application outside of docker, but it forgets to create the cookie when docker is running. I used assets:precompile to ensure that all js dependencies/images were available in the docker container for the rails app. I don’t know if there are limitations to docker that stops it from generating cookies dynamically, or something else is wrong. Mind you, the project builds and runs all containers without error. The only issue is cookie generation for my Google Chrome Browser, etc.

Current Results
Application runs in localhost, but doesn’t generate token for browser on page load

Application runs in localhost, but generates token for browser on page load

I have the same issue on my system. Everything works fine but the cookies aren’t created. Also it appears that cookies aren’t read when I create them.
Did you find a solution for this?