COPY different with btrfs?

I actually have a problem with a Dockerfile from (commit 6a158ca2d2c5fdec597f1025c58fad90a57312dc). There the code

COPY requirements.txt .

creates a “Not a directory” error with my btrfs based docker system. The developer of this tool has no problems with overlay filesystem. Are there known differences between btrfs, aufs, or overlay?

do you mean

A) your host OS is installed on btrfs? … or
B) your docker is setup using the btrfs storage driver?

I am running productive docker systems with -s btrfs (so B). But this more or less implies that the whole system is running with btrfs (A) :wink:

But also the machine I build the containers with is a btrfs laptop (A) with running docker -s btrfs (B) - and this is the machine I tried to CP file /path which failed but seems to work with overlay (I guess the developer uses default docker settings, no -s btrfs neither a btrfs system).

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