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COPY failed on autobuild


(Keondisaster) #1

Hey Guys,

actually me and a working partner getting started with docker before some days. We got some little things running and now want to create own images. To get started with it, we want to use existing images and get them with additional features.

We choosed the “jgoerzen/docker-debian-base” and changed a bit in the files to just support debian stretch and replace php5 with php7 and some additional extensions. You can find it actually here.

I know, that i need to push it to dockerhub in sort order - so first minimal, then base, then security, then apache, then apache_php cauz their build up on each other.

If i try to push it from my connected GitHub Account to dockerhub, i select the Dockerfile Location "debian-base-minimal/Dockerfile.

On autobuild the following error occurs:

Step 3/8 : COPY setup/ /usr/local/debian-base-setup/
COPY failed: stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder145831632/setup: no such file or directory

Anybody can help me to figure out what i’m doing wrong?

Best regards