"Could not verify layer data" error when trying to push image with Content Trust

We are migrating our Docker images from our ancient internal V1 Registry to an external V2 Registry (where the images will be stored with Content Trust).

Our strategy is to pull the images from the old V1 Registry, then push them with Content Trust to the external V2 Registry.

Some of our pushes fail with an error like this (from /var/log/docker):

Upload failed: could not verify layer data for: sha256:a566d6467316a731f621511e8b3095449404392c6a3260695bea1f37b6e24a63. This may be because internal files in the layer store were modified. Re-pulling or rebuilding this image may resolve the issue

We are using Docker 1.10.3 on Linux.

If we push without Content Trust, there is no error and the images still seem to work fine.

There seem to be certain problematic image layers that fail like this, each affecting multiple Docker images. What can we do to fix or diagnose this problem? Thanks.