CPU and Memory Usage in container station on Qnap

When setting individual containers both cpu and memory for
example - CPU limit 4 (I have 16) and memory limit set to 8gb ( I have 48gb )
In the picture e.g is fileflow using 3.4% of 32gb allocated or 3.4 % of my full 48gb ?

Likewise the overseer container ! Is here showing 0% CPU usage is . When it shows say 4% is that 4% of 4gb (allocated memory) of 4% of my full 48gb ?

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No one can answer ??

Have you tried asking this question in QNAP forums? The chances to find users in QNAP forums that use Container Station and know the answer are magnitudes higher, than to find Container Station users in Docker forums that know it.

We can not tell you how QNAP implemented it, we could just guess…

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As it is a docker setting I thought it would be more relevant for a docker user to know the answer.
But as you are the only reply I appear to be wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a custom GUI, so rather NAS software related.

Thank you.
So I then assume Qnap’s Container Station is the only docker setup software that gives an option to set how many cores and how much ram to make available ?

Plain Docker CLI enables that, too, but we don’t know what their GUI shows.

I have a bicycle. What tires should I buy to make the best out of it? You don’t know, because you don’t know what bicycle I have. If I tell you a brand (I made it up) like MZ/X bike, it won’t help as you don’t know it, so you could give a general answer maybe.

We don’t know how QNAP supports Docker, how it is installed on QNAP, whether it is a modified Docker or official. What other tool is required to make it work on QNAP and how the GUI works.

In the output of docker stats in the terminal, the percentage is the percentage of the used resource compared to the limit you set for the container. If it is 0, it can be that it uses so little CPU or memory that it can’t be shown. I don’t know how your GUI shows small numbers. Many of my containers use 0.01% of the available CPU. If only one digit is shown after the dot, you will see 0. 1 CPU usually means 100%. When you use 2 whole CPUs, you could see 200%.

So that’s what I can tell you about the command line. IF anything is different in the container station on QNAP, I couldn’t tell you, so if you wan to make sure you get the best answer, you should ask who created the GUI.

We do actually. It is in the first post.

Alright :slight_smile:

I meant we don’t know how to interpret it.

I see, then I misunderstood it. I read it again and I seems more obvious :slight_smile: