Create a build tool file so application will run

I need to create build environment for my Application.
My Application no longer builds correctly due to old versions of software.
I need to create an environment where builds will run correctly

The software I need installed :

  1. maven v3.2.2
  2. Nodejs 4.4.7
  3. git
  4. Python 2.7.9
  5. grunt
  6. Protractor v1.6.1
  7. npm install - grunt-cli

The whole build process is driven by Maven.

New to docker so I am just looking for advise on the best way to achieve this.

Basically, you’d create a Dockerfile that has RUN commands that will install the versions of the software you need. The exact steps for the software installation will vary on what sort of installation options there are for each piece of software, and which of those options you prefer.

ok, thanks for getting back. I will give it a go.