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Create docker volume with options

There is is very limited information regarding create volume with options " ".

I just want to create a volume with limited size, I tried,

docker volume create --opt o=size=10m hello-volume

, when run a simple hello world container with “docker run -v hello-volume:/hello -it ubuntu /bin/bash”, I got the error as something like “docker: Error response from daemon: …no such device”…

So I assumed we must give the full options when creating the volume, such as

“docker volume create --driver local --opt type=*** --opt device=*** --opt o=size=10m hello-volume”

If so, what are the “type” and “device” here? I guess the device actually is a path to any directory? I tried

“docker volume create --driver local --opt type=volume --opt device=/ --opt o=size=10m hello-volume”.

When tried to run the container as “docker run -v hello-volume:/hello -it ubuntu /bin/bash” I got the error as “docker: Error response from daemon: error while mounting volume ‘/var/lib/docker/volumes/hello-volume/_data’: error while mounting volume with options: type=‘volume’ device=’/’ o=‘size=10m’: no such device.”.

I tried

docker volume create --driver local --opt type=tmpfs --opt device=tmpfs --opt o=size=10m hello-volume

which finally works, but the data is in memory which is not persistent. So can any one point out what are the options for “type” and “device” when creating the volume (or what’s the default one if we don’t give any options)?

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This is the question that I was going to ask. Have you found any leads or answers?

Hi @joebowbeer, based on my search at that time. We can’t set the limit on the volume (as the linux doesn’t directly support setting size limit on any directory on the disk).