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Creating an Docker image of Windows 10 with IDE and programming languages

(Larynx95) #1


I newly got to know the docker technology, and the idea of ​​a docker technology would be a great help in learning the programming language. There are a few questions here.

I practice some programming languages mainly ​​at home, sometimes at the library or at work. Outside the home, I always install new programming languages ​​and IDEs every time. Visual studio code and its plugins, python, … It is really inefficient and tiring.

So, I want to know if I can do that easily with the docker.

What I want is not complex server job, just making the development environment identical in many places. With the help of Docker, I want to use identical development environment in other PCs. I want to use VS code and other GUI apps in the same environment in other PCs.

Of course I have tried other ways too. I tried MS onedrive and google drive, but I only shared the source files in the cloud storage, and I could not match the development environment. Carrying a portable program on USB is too primitive, and there is a high risk of losing it.

Can Docker be a solution for me or not?
If that is possible, I will try to learn Docker. If not, I will try to find another way.

OS in my PC: Windows 10 pro
My favorite PL: Python, C/C++, Haskell, beginner level
Linux experience: None